OktoberFEAST away at Azur Buffet, Crowne Plaza Hotel

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Azur Buffet CNY banner

Hello you!

Are you a fan of beers? I don't know about you, but I'll pick a nice light beer over a cocktail ANYTIME. If you're looking for somewhere to celebrate the German Beer Festival, why not go for an OktoberFEAST at Azur, Crowne Plaza Changi Airport?

Mmmm, whenever i think of Azur, i think of awesome never ending flow of fresh oysters and succulent prawns with a nice light beer and awesome company to chomp together on the buffet spread and chit chat till late. (I'm almost always there with the fiance, Nadnut + David, Esther + Steve and Carrie!)

From now till 5 October (just 1 and a half week more guys!), Azur will be having some special Bavarian inspired dishes (below) in additions to their buffet line from $58++ per pax!

  1. German Potato Salad with Bacon Bits, Gherkins and Chopped Eggs
  2. Smoked Black Forest Ham (Served with Pretzel Roll and Swiss Bread)
  3. Oven Baked Classic Meat Loaf
  4. Chouroute en Garnie with Mustard and Gravy (Consist of Pork Knuckle, Sausages and Bacon Slabs)
  5. Haricot Verts and Cauliflower Florests with Fresh Herbs
  6. Bavarian Kaese Spaetzle with Emmental Cheese
  7. Linzer Torte
  8. Black Forest Trifle

 OktoberFEAST away guys! Enjoy!

★ Eat: Azur at Crowne Plaza Hotel
Contact: 6565 6823

♡ Love, TheLuckiestChick.

[ TAIWAN '14 ] 7 days of Summer ☀ Day 04

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Just got back from our Krabi trip a couple days ago and i wasn't feeling my best and fell ill this few days but i'm starting to feel better!

The Krabi trip was my treat to celebrate the fiance's 28th birthday + our 10th year anniversary. Still feel like i didn't get to roll around the beach and haven't had enough of the sun and i'm back, last beach holiday before the wedding erm in like a mere 2 months + time!! Damn i get a shock everytime i countdown to how long i have till the wedding, need to get serious is shedding some weight soon, fat ass bride and groom here! haha

Anyhooooooos, other than being in Taiwan for our 2nd pre-wedding shoot, we were also there to celebrate my 24th birthday, which was this exact day! 2nd year consecutively celebrating my birthday in taiwan. (:
Since leon did research on my birthday plans for Taipei (which we were still in taichung anw) i told him lets just celebrate tmr instead after we get to taipei.

Although it's just a number, it really bothers me that i'm so old already!! I keep consoling myself by telling myself that at least at 24 I'm stepping in a new phrase of life, getting married + going to spend the rest of my life with one of my favourite people in the world but sometimes self-consolation don't do shit! 

This year i didn't even want Leon to sing me a birthday song and i blew out my candle as soon as leon brought out the cake hahahah as if it will make me turning 24 any less true. T-T

Panini sandwich brekkie in bed at Ino Home before we leave to head to our last Minsu i arranged for in Taichung.

Tomer Hostel!

This minsu has over 30 types of room (all decorated differently) for you to choose from and the rates are super attractive like NT$750 was the lowest rates i saw?! It's located right at Fengjia Night market so shopping and eating is suuuuuper convinient. *LOVE!*

I chose the room "Underwood" and loved how the place look! Althought if you are carrying huge luggages etc you might want to avoid this minsu unless you ask for a room that is on a lower level? 

We reached there and realized that there's no lift omg! LOL when leon realized there's no lift he was looking at me with murderous intent like as if i want him to lug our 2 x 20kg luggage up 5 storeys. Haha we ended up just grabbing what we need for the night and leaving our luggage at their baggage left facility on level 1.

★ Stay: Tomer Hostel


Pigging out at fengjia NM! After we had our fill of the faaaabulous la-la (shellfish) we stuffed ourselves with even more goodies! Love their slightly grilled oysters!

After our nomming at the Fengjia night market, returning to tomer hostel, we're like 2 overstuffed fluff ball trying to climb like 5 flights of stairs, SHAGGED!

To avoid the summer heatwave during the day, we went to the departmental shops to shop around and bought a bunch of books/manga/more skincare! hehe found out that nadnut is looking into industrial style for her new place so i lent her the book on the left to reference to!

♡ Love, TheLuckiestChick.

Counting down.. 3 months.. 2... 1...

Sunday, September 07, 2014

It's 3 months to the # FideLeonWedding!

Lol because i stupidly made a casual remark of "Aiyah dunno what to do for the wedding leh like nth much le hor?" to nadnut and she's got me all stressbomb about a a million things, going thru the wedding checklist and all just to realize we have a shitload of things that we have not done/made up our minds about. 

Hahaha, i thought we're almost there since i kept emphasizing to leon that if we can clear more things to be done asap, then we should do it now cos i dont want to scamper around like a stressed out rat getting down on the to-do list nearing to the wedding. I want to be like a STRESS-FREE bride.

Hahahah stress free my arse, one comment to nadnut and my world turns upside down. hahahah esp when we were doing the budget excel of the wedding + honeymoon, seriously stress bomb.

The last thing i want is breaking out from stress, so i just gotta breeeeeeeeath and get things done, slowly but surely.. gonna be done.

Bare face don't care! :D

I've also been continuing my Carbon-laser treatments at Trinity Medical Center with Dr Kan, i'm going twice a month for a more intensive treatment plan and after a couple of sessions, i'm really in love with the laser treatments, my skin is so so smooth now and so much free of annoying bumps, we're still targetting to get rid of my old pimple scars and all but right now my base makeup goes on like a dream and without makeup it's such a vast improvement from before and it looks so so so much better!

Dr kan also advised me to do scrubs more frequently to remove the dead skin cells, i've done that and so far my "at-home" take care of skin plan is do more purifying clay masks at least once or twice a week and a hydrating sheet mask a week to keep my skin in good condition.

Trinity Aesthetics
+ 65 6344 0027
87 Marine Parade Central, #02-500A, Singapore 440087

I've recently gone for the GLAMGLOW launch event and was introduced to the GlamGlow Powermud DualCleanse Treatment. (thanks for the invite Alene dear!)

I've heard all the good things about GlamGlow but i've never really gotten around to try it, I don't want to go into the super ultra complication description of the product but the gist is that:

It contains OILIXER (a combination of 4 powerful and rare deep cleansing oils), Claytox (4 clay blend specially developed to provide ultra gentle detoxification + deep cleaning action), Pureifier (a mix of cleanser, astringents + super silky conditioners) and lastly the Ground velvet leaf (fatty acids, minerals and saponins to help nourish the skin and giving it a velvety finish)

it's an instant "Mud to Oil" Dual cleanse treatment, basically as like any normal clay mask you leave it on for 10-20 minutes after it hardens and you wash it off right? 

But for this you apply a little bit of water and you can give it a little rub and the harden clay mask starts to emulsify to an oil form to further cleanse your skin, you know how we all use oil cleanser to remove more stubborn makeup like mascara etc right? Same logic, it turns into an oil form to deeply cleanse and remove the impurities in your skin.

The smell of this product is ultra soothing, i love how to smells and it always makes me ultra really relaxed and i like that it dries fairly quickly as compared to some of the clay mask i've tried, so it's awesome even if you only have a mere 10 minutes to spare, slap a thin layer on, wash it off and there goes skin deeply cleansed and oh so velvety to the touch. 

GlamGlow is available at Escentials, Paragon #03-02/05

Alternatively, one of my other favourite clay mask is the Naruko Appleseed + Transexamic Acid Brightening clay mask and cleanser in 1, I personally feel that this range of products really helps with problematic skin like mine which monthly breakouts are common and will need a range of products to control the breakout.

♡ Love, TheLuckiestChick.

☑ Beach vacation nails before summer officially ends!

Friday, September 05, 2014

(check out their instagram above for the 126651654561 nail designs they have done!)

Counting down 4 more days to our vacation to krabi to celebrate the fiance's 28th birthday + our 10th year anniversary!!! Time to soak up some sun before the wedding hehe. 

Call 6737 6723 for your appointment at Milly's FEP
PS: my favorite manicurist is Chloe.
Promotion: Gellish manicure is only $20! 

Met up with the Milly girls for Lele hotpot at Tiong bahru last night too, hehe so funny these days dinner conversation is either wedding + BTO, I wonder what we will be talking abt moving on 2-3 years ltr! Lol which brand of toilet cleaner is awesome?! FML!

♡ Love, TheLuckiestChick.

#FoodieFriday: Lollipop making session with the girls

Thursday, September 04, 2014

Made iced tea for the girls when they were over at my place on our 1st attempt in making hard candies- we're making lollipops!

lol but our 1st attempt of a big hot epic fail because we totally forgotten to buy a candy thermometer since it has to be exactly 300 degrees so the other day nadnut came over to my place for a 2nd attempt!

She's been nagging me to do her makeup for the longest time so we tried that too! Hahaha

I don't usually know or try to do makeup for others because alot of times i wouldn't know how to draw it according to their eyeshape etc but since nadnut has double eyelid + big eyes i could literally do my makeup exactly as it is on her face hehe and this was the result of it!

And i thought she looked super pretty, I even liked it even more than it is on my own face hehe!

We did Melon flavored lollipops that day, yums!

Must bully her and make her measure everything while i yell instructions nonstop muahahah, yes ze lazy bones is lazy.

Fidel to nadnutl: "Stir woman, STIRRRRRR!!"

Haha we totally forgotten to add food colouring so it'll be prettier but yay we finally did it!
If you want to try making your own candies too, I got my silicon moulds from taobao and also Bake-it-yourself!

Here! I tried this recipe from here but without the edible flowers: Spring Flower Lollipops recipe

♡ Love, TheLuckiestChick.

Ora2 STAINCLEAR Dental range with Japanese KAWAII Princess - Kyary Pamyu Pamyu!

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Happy Parcel Day to me! Found this pretty jappy package with a sakura bellywrap waiting for me when i got home from work the other day, wonder what's in that pretty little thing?

It's the newly launched limited edition Ora2 STAINCLEAR Dental range with Japanese KAWAII Princess - Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, to be honest i've no idea who's tat but apparently she's a J-POP star and KAWAii icon - she even has a song dedicated to this limited edition kawaii range of toothpaste titled "Sunngoi Aura"!

But isn't this range the cutest? They have interesting flavors such as peach leaf, apple rose etc on top of the usual Natural Mint toothpaste!

The toothpaste contains high cleaning silica which safely removes the first layer of plague and stains by providing a polishing effect to give teeth a whiter appearance, super important to me since i'm wearing braces right now and it's oh so easy for my teeth to get stains due to all the harder areas to brush from the braces! ):

They also have 2 types of mouth rinse in this LE packaging, so adorable! Everytime i use it my breath smells like i've just been drimking some refreshing peach tea! hehe 

Ora2 STAINCLEAR Dental Paste retails at $6.95 and in available at selected Watsons Stores.

♡ Love, TheLuckiestChick.